Idaho Real Estate Broker

Jason T. Roth

Principal Broker/Owner

Jason Roth moved to the Wood River Valley with his family in July of 1977. Mr. Roth began attending valley schools in the 3rd grade at Hemingway Elementary, then later graduated from Wood River High. He went on to graduate from The College of Idaho having earned a Bachelor of Science degree, plus a Creative Writing minor.

After a brief stint with the Idaho Fish & Game Department and guiding salmon fishing in Canada, Mr. Roth came home to continue working in and around what he grew up with: land and construction. Upon his return to the valley in 1995, Mr. Roth founded a successful, high-end kitchen & bath design firm in Ketchum. In 2003, he sold his remaining interest in that company in order to focus full time on real estate brokerage. He has been a licensed Realtor since 2000.

In 2008, Roth was chosen to participate in the year-long, “Honorary Commander” program at Mountain Home Air Force Base; an unforgettable experience which culminated in being selected to receive a 1.6 hour orientation flight aboard an F-15E “Strike Eagle”.

Roth lives in Indian Creek with his wife Tamra, daughters Ashelynn and Ainsley and Labrador Retrievers Kitty, Quinn and Cash. In his spare time, he will most likely be found fishing, hunting or spending time with great friends, family and/or dogs.


Please allow these words to express my full endorsement of Jason Roth. I have known Jason for five or more years. We share a common industry, real estate, and a great passion for the outdoors. In these years of knowing Jason, I have found him astutely knowledgeable in both his business acumen and his understanding of his many environments.

I am an avid hunter and fisherman. I enjoy my opportunities so much that I am extraordinarily selective in who I choose to spend my time with. So when I say that I would go hunting or fishing with Jason anytime, that speaks volumes. Besides,any man who adores his family and his dogs as much as Jason does, needs no further character affirmation or validation.

Please feel free to call me with any further questions in regards to Jason.

Bill Gage
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Woodside Developers
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August 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
I have known Jason Roth personally and professionally for many years. He was instrumental in bringing a buyer to the table for us for one of the largest real estate transactions recorded in the Wood River valley. Jason is well organized, efficient, competent, and well liked by many of the professionals in the valley.

I highly recommend Jason for any endeavor that he may seek to pursue.

David D. Anderson

Integrity. honesty and trust. Those are 3 words I think of when reflecting on my opinion of Jason Roth, as well as his father, both of whom I have worked with. They are good decent people I have been privileged to associate with and am happy to recommend to anyone considering associating with them.

J. Philip Jones, Esq.
1715 Aaron Brenner Drive, Suite 518 Memphis, TN 38120

Brigadier General James S. Browne Commander, 325th Fighter Wing

To Whom It May Concern,

It is a privilege to know Jason Roth and his family. While I was the 366th Fighter Wing Commander at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, Jason was selectively chosen to be an honorary commander in the fighter wing. During his tenure, he was intimately engaged with the base.

Jason displayed the highest degree of dedication to the program and to our United States Air Force Airmen! His sincere care and enthusiasm impacted our Airmen and the mission.

He is a true patriot and someone I hold in the highest regard.

Col. James Browne
August 23, 2011


I have known Jason Roth for over 15 years and have had numerous business dealings with him, all of which have been extremely good. I have found Jason to be dedicated and honest with me in all of our dealings.

George Barber
August 2011